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  • Dental disease
    Dental disease.  If you've owned a pet you have heard about dental disease.  It is a nasty and common disease that affects 85% of dogs and cats by 3 years Read more
  • Hip Dislocation
    I wasn't sure what to write about today - hey, it's all new to me.  But then when our day was racing with continuous stream of client concerns and we Read more
  • Pets in need
    Did you know that Roseland Animal Hospital is involved with South Bend Animal Care and Control, South Bend's Pet Assistance League (PAL), Frantz Fund, and others?  We work hard to Read more
  • We're AAHA!
    According to a recent poll, 60% of pet owners believe their vet's office is an AAHA accredited institution when it is not.  We ARE!  We are among only 13% of Read more
  • Pet Poison Prevention Week
    Well, Spring is here and so is Pet Poison Prevention Week.  Take a minute to review the hot topic list - perhaps there is something in there you didn't know.  Read more
  • Day in the Life Part 1
      Well hello!  I'm Dr. Rachel Sparke.  I'm owner of Roseland Animal Hospital and I'm the person responsible for making posts on this blog as well as our Facebook page.  Read more
  • Pet Obesity
    How I wish this wasn't a problem in animals.  But it is.  And it isn't going anywhere quickly.  I invite you to really look at your pet the next time Read more
  • Congenital disease
    I'm not likely to start this off in the manner you may have anticipated.  I'm upset.  Really upset.  I'm sad, frustrated, and angry.  Yesterday, 1/2 of my morning appointments ended Read more
  • What?
    I was sitting (ok, not really, I don't sit a lot at work) and thinking "What should I share with you all?".  Well, I thought I'd share my recent experience Read more
  • Welcome Dr. Reed
    We are so excited to announce the arrival of our 4th doctor - Dr. Stefanie Reed.  Dr. Reed graduated from the University of Illinois in 2015.  For those of you Read more
  • Out and about
    Well, winter is not leaving us just yet, but spring is sure to be here really soon.  I know a lot of you have heard about my family's adoption of Read more

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