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Updates on COVID and our office

With the recent holidays and the SJC patient COVID positive numbers rising we had made the decision to return to 100% strict curbside care.  I wanted to make sure my Read More


Ever get so preoccupied with life that when you stop and look you realize just how much time has passed?  That is definitely the case for me lately, and I Read More

May 26, 2020 UPDATE

As Indiana continues to re-open businesses we look forward to seeing everyone in person soon.  One of our obstacles currently is the sheer staffing numbers.  As a small business that Read More

A New Day Is Coming

COVID19 has had a massive impact.  I don't know a human not affected by how this virus has ran rampant through the world.  Some people have more time on their Read More

Feeling Isolated

Thank GOD!  This COVID19 occurred during a technologically advanced age.  My children have been able to continue their education, I've been able to continue my service, and I can connect Read More

March 25, 2020 Continuing Safety at RAH and home

Each night I fall asleep worrying.  Am I doing enough?  Am I doing it correctly?  How are my staff members handling this?  Are they hiding fears I can't see?  Will Read More

COVID-19 Updates March 23, 2020 Useful source with factual updates on what you need to know about the virus as it relates to your pet's health (spoiler alert - your pet is fine!) Read More

We ARE still open and FULLY functional

As I type the world continues to change and redirect on how and what everyone should be helping to protect our community.  Please know that as a medical facility we Read More


We are experiencing DAILY updates in suggestions for providing care, information on medical supply availability, and regulations on interactions with our community.  As of today we are requesting that all Read More

COVID-19 Update

As the world continues to learn more about COVID-19 and adapt to mandated changes in how we operate our daily lives please know that Roseland Animal Hospital will continue to Read More

Out and about

Well, winter is not leaving us just yet, but spring is sure to be here really soon.  I know a lot of you have heard about my family's adoption of Read More

Dental disease

Dental disease.  If you've owned a pet you have heard about dental disease.  It is a nasty and common disease that affects 85% of dogs and cats by 3 years Read More

Welcome Dr. Reed

We are so excited to announce the arrival of our 4th doctor - Dr. Stefanie Reed.  Dr. Reed graduated from the University of Illinois in 2015.  For those of you Read More


I was sitting (ok, not really, I don't sit a lot at work) and thinking "What should I share with you all?".  Well, I thought I'd share my recent experience Read More

Congenital disease

I'm not likely to start this off in the manner you may have anticipated.  I'm upset.  Really upset.  I'm sad, frustrated, and angry.  Yesterday, 1/2 of my morning appointments ended Read More

Pet Obesity

How I wish this wasn't a problem in animals.  But it is.  And it isn't going anywhere quickly.  I invite you to really look at your pet the next time Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 21 posts

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