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In need of financial assistance?  Care credit healthcare credit card helps make costly procedures and treatments more manageable with promotional financing options (Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required.):

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Worried your pet could have got a hold of something poisonous?  First off, call your veterinarian immediately!  But if just looking preventatively - check out the ASPCA's website.



Many of us are often looking for the right supplements for our pets.  Are they safe?  Are they efficacious?  I use and recommend Platinum Performance products.  platinum

Want to learn more about companion animal laser therapy?  Look here.


Have a concern about your pet's weight?  Fear no more.  Click on the below link to start your research in to a healthier weight for your pet.  Includes calorie content of most foods, a calorie calculator program, and much more!                                       image.jpg  

pet Health Network

Want to learn more about your pet's health?  Need a friendly, easy to use, and accurate educational site?  Look no further.

Looking to adopt your next feline or canine family member?  Perhaps even a guinea pig?  Check out St. Joseph County Humane Society's page for information on special events and adoptions.      



South Bend Animal Care and Control is a great place to find your next pet.  If you need help with concerns about a stray or disruptive animal this is also a site for you.

Looking for pet insurance for your pet?  Learn more here:

For safety tips check out these links below:


Pet Hiking Safety Tips

Keep Your Dog Safe in the Summer

Dog Water Safety

Dog Tip:  Household Hazards, Poisons, and Safety

Dog Toys:  How to Pick the Best & Safest

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